Konclusive Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser based around our premier product line called PAK-IT®. We proudly carry 33 green certified cleaning products that are free from allergens and are non-toxic.

We’ve hand selected 7 of our best cleaning products for the fundraiser. Our products are 100% water-soluble, cleaning solutions in small pouches that dissolve when you add to warm water (add product to a quart bottle and fill with warm water, let it dissolve & product is ready to use) that are safe, compact, and innovative, unlike traditional cleaning products.

We have seven cleaning products available; basin tub & tile, heavy duty all purpose cleaner, citrus all purpose leaner, glass & hard surface cleaner, deodorizer (autumn fresh & superberry), and vehicle waterless Wash. Would you like to see a demo of how effective these products are? Click here.

How Does The Konclusive Fundraiser Work?

There are 7 green certified cleaning products to choose from for residential and commercial markets. Each month the Konclusive Fundraiser will offer staple cleaning products that are being used daily. In many cases our products are more economical than what consumers are currently buying at retail value. Therefore, giving our partners and customers a tremendous cost savings.

Each month there will be order forms available for participants to take orders and return to their organization. Once a month, Konclusive Sourcing will deliver products to your organization. Orders can be picked up at designated date(s) and time(s).

A percentage of each customer’s order is given back to the organization. These funds can be used to offset costs associated with everyday learning essentials and operating costs such as: playground & athletic equipment, research and technology, field trips, scholarships, computers, musical instruments, utilities and more.