Support For Small To Mid-Tier Business

We support small to mid-tier businesses by providing strategic alliances, global resources. With core principles rooted in innovation, ergonomics, and green practices, Konclusive Sourcing (KS) measures our success by the success of our partners. Thus, we have built a strong network of industry experts that are dedicated to making a profound impact within your organization while also stimulating the global economy.

We recognize that 90 percent of the world’s businesses are small to mid-size. By establishing ourselves as a key player in this arena, KS is invested in making a difference where it counts. Our mission is to establish grass roots partnerships that extend beyond borders and cultivate the global marketplace; one business at a time.

We’re Not New To Business

KS was founded in September 2013.  Although the company is relatively new, we are not new to business. Our skilled team of professionals boasts over 20 years of collective experience. Our expansive roster includes CEOs of fortune 500 companies, financial economists from Wall Street, and engineering experts in manufacturing. We are also comprised of industry experts specializing in supply chain management, logistics, sourcing, warehousing, sales and operations.  We have a consortium of leadership that is dedicated to providing timely solutions, quality services, and superior products. Therefore, Konclusive Sourcing is positioned well in the global marketplace and has the business acumen to make an immediate impact.


In today’s society, we have lost sight of the number one commodity – people. Deals are one-sided, products lack integrity, and customer service is no longer a priority. Everything seems to be at the expense of others and as a result, everyone loses. Konclusive Sourcing was built with integrity at its core and an understanding that neither man nor business can successfully operate as an island. We know that in both business and in life, we sink or swim together.

With that philosophy at our helm, we are invested in promoting collaborative relationships both within and outside our organization. At Konclusive Sourcing, you will find our team is making a difference with businesses in local communities while also cultivating our regional, national, and global partnerships. We help lower customer costs, improve efficiencies, and reduce the carbon footprint.

Our core values are built off the understanding that life is about empowering people and creating space for others to flourish. We are steadfast in our dedication to create a win-win environment for our customers, business partners, and communities. Konclusive Sourcing brings to the table an abundance of expertise in supply chain with unparalleled global resources that will take your business to the next level. We are passionate about delivering a quality experience and know that there is nothing greater than our people. Therefore, the way we conduct business is just as important as the products and services we provide. We know this, we believe this, and we live this every day.